"Christine is incredibly insightful and perceptive and really knows how to get you thinking about yourself and your life in ways you never have before. While I've known her for a few years now, this was the first time I had ever gone through a life coaching session. She did a fantastic job of guiding me through the situations and relationships in my life that have shaped me the most in a way that allowed me to realize on my own- without her having to tell me- what my major fears and blocks are. I've been going to counselors and therapists for almost 10 years, but in one hour I was able to unearth the blocks that are preventing me from being the person I'm meant and want to be- something which I had only begun to scratch the surface of in therapy. She made me feel very confident and comfortable evaluating myself in that way and allowed me for this first time to view myself without judgement and decide what needs to change. I've discovered that I'm currently at an extremely pivotal moment in life and I can't wait our future conversations so that I can find my path and confidently follow it!"

“Wow! That's all I can say. Day 1 I stepped into her office an overwhelmingly calm feeling fell upon me. I knew I would be completely honest to get to where I eventually need to be! Once Christine started talking to me, she did not interrupt or talk over me. Christine didn't just listen, she heard what I had to say. So many of the scary things, or things I felt guilty about were re-framed in such a way that I was powerful and going to handle this! It's safe to say I cried a lot of good tears, but felt so safe and secure! I know that my work with Christine is just beginning but SHE is the one I will be working through things with. She doesn't let me talk my way out of things or give excuses. I have quit Therapy to work with Christine! I wish we could talk every other day! The best part is I know when I am doing negative behavior and hearing her rephrase them with the "why" during our session helps me hear her everyday!" J.D.

“I have known Christine for over 10 years and I trust her implicitly. When Christine informed me of her gifts, it coincided with a potentially life changing event in my life. The timing of these two events, I would learn, were not coincidental. Christine has been instrumental in helping guide me through some rough waters lately, and has inspired me with her newly discovered talents. In a time where normally I would probably feel very alone, Christine has shown me that I am anything but. Thanks to Christine, I feel hopeful about the future, and I know she is going to be able to do the same for so many others. Thank you for being such a good friend, and offering your time and your wonderful gift to help others!” T.F.

“I was honored to have a reading from you, Christine ! You told me things from a loved one that only I would know! It was so interesting to hear that my special person was around me and to watch for signs that would validate it. Within the next 2 days I saw the things that were those signs and let me tell you they were not the norm, not things that I see on a daily basis. I really thought….what’s the chance on seeing those.. really ?? goosebumps ! you are GOOD ! I am looking forward to another session! Thank You" J.R. 

"Christine has taught me to hold onto my power tight. She has helped me to be a better me. She has also taught my granddaughter that it is ok to be the strong willed, amazing little girl she is.”K.W.

"I started going to Christine for Life Coaching at a point in my life where I really needed a little extra wisdom.  I was in a very negative place due to the actions of people around me but instead of learning the lesson and moving on, I fell "victim" to these things.  After a couple of sessions with Christine, I instantly gained clarity and a new perspective on where I wanted to go.  Now my mantra in a tough spot is her favorite saying 'Who do you want to be and how do you want to show up?'  Now, I can hold my head high and take the lesson I need from every situation.  My life has harmony again.” C.S.