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Here Is Everything You Need For This Months' Theme


October 1st Affirmation.jpg


This is your affirmation for the month of October

. Repeat this affirmation as much as you can through out the day. The purpose of affirmations is over time of repeating you, you change your mindset.  

October Meditation Graphic.jpg

Monthly Meditation

Here is our October Meditation. Listen to this meditation as few times this month. This will help you stay grounded and focused. Click below to access your meditation. Let me know if you have any questions.

Click Here For Your Meditation

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Member Empowerment Moment

Member Empowerment Moment  is a time for you to share a win in your personal growth journey. You need recognize that this is a moment for you. It can be big or small. It needs to be a moment that connects you to the growth you have had. It's up to you to know when that moment is and fill out the form in the link below so it can get posted and we can all share in your moment. There is no judgement here. This is all about you and when you feel you have shifted a new perspective ect. 

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