Spiritual Coaching Session

Do you feel stuck where you are in life?

Do you want to have a direction and understand where you are meant to be going in life?

Want to be your true self and get rid of all the things that are holding you back from that?

Have you lost someone close to you that you want to connect with?

Our passed loved one are waiting to help guide us with advice and closure.

Combing Life Coaching and Mediumship can help make a path for you, clear the fog of the direction of your life.  Dig into the subconscious energy blocks that are holding you back from being happy, peaceful and relaxed. Connecting with your passed loved ones (if you choose) on this journey can helps you move forward and have the closure you need. They want nothing more than to guide you along this path.

These powerful and transformational sessions can be done either in person or over the phone.

Investment for 60 minute session In Person OR via Video Chat: $95

(coaching packages also available)

NOW OFFERING: 30 minute phone sessions for $60

Please Note: Failure to cancel/show up for a session without 24 hour notice will require approval through Christine to reschedule appointment with prepayment for session.


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Reiki/Reading Combo

This combination of services is amazing. We start off with approx. 20 minutes of Reiki to get you relaxed, focused and grounded. During your Reiki Session I communicate with your angels and they help me decide the most pressing things going on in your life that they want to guide you on. The next 40 minutes or so is a spiritual reading where we will discuss the messages from your angels & spirits!

You will leave your session refreshed, grounded and with alot of information!

Investment: $95

Please Note: Failure to cancel/show up for a session without 24 hour notice will require approval through Christine to reschedule appointment with prepayment for session.

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Spirit Gatherings In Your Home

Want to connect with loved one’s in spirit? Want to know what advice & guidance they have to help you?

  Sometimes it's hard to pick up on our signs from our passed loved ones. An evening like this will help you feel more connected and uplifted knowing that your passed ones are supporting you no matter what.

 Christine is Certified Life Coach and has the ability to connect with your passed loved ones. She has the talent to combine both of these on a level to help you heal and move forward in a very gentle and uplifting way. This will be a very unique experience. Our loved ones come through to validate they are there but what we want the most is guidance from them and knowing we are on the right track. As a Certified Life Coach who went through months of training, Christine is able to give you the tips and tools to move in a forward direction combined with validation that your loved ones are there cheering you on.

 Grab some friends and host your own Spirit Gathering in your home.

 Minimum of 8 people to host your party.

Please Note: This is a Gallery Style, not private individual readings. 

 *Christine does not guarantee everyone a reading but gets to as many as possible in the 90 minutes*

 $45 per person

Gatherings Are booked on A first come first serve basis. Fill out the form below to get on her list. Must be local to the Bridgewater, MA area.

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Spirit Connections Member Only Facebook Group

Join Our Members Only Group On Facebook. It's a community of like minded individuals who want to feel more connected everywhere in their life by having a healthy relationship with yourself. The purpose of this group is to help you working thru things that are holding you back by connecting to your personal spirit within you thru Life Coaching. You will get tools and tips to help you move forward along with being connected to your past loved ones in spirit. Combining Life Coaching with passed loved ones is such a unique opportunity therefore the possibilities are endless for YOU.

We do weekly Live Chats, Angel Card Pulling, Meditations, Monthly Themes, Personal Spirit Readings and so much more.

Investment: $12/month