Why is this happening?

Ever had that feeling of being overwhelmed with everything life is throwing at you? Makes you feel out of balance, doesn't it? YUP, happened to me recently. I started off 2014 with a bang. My goal was to just follow what my business was giving me and run with it. Well, I jumped right in. Spent endless nights on my blog page getting it looking pretty and as organized as possible. I was getting a ton of phone calls to book appointments, my email was filled with endless question for Ask Your Angels. WOW, amazing! This is what I envisioned and worked so hard the last few months building!!!

Well, the excitement was short lived. I had come home, in the door I immediately feel like I'm quickly spiking a fever. WHAT?? I don't have time for this! I have 3 kids, involved in all sort of activities. A husband who travels for work that night and I had work things to accomplish. I took some Motrin and still hours later i have the chills. I sleep horrible that night, Up sweating, chills, sweating chills! NOOO!

Ok, it's now time to find out the real reason of what's going on. I do what we all should do and I journal with my angels. What's the meaning of this? What am I blocking? Why is my throat swelling up out of nowhere? WHY WHY WHY?

As always, they have the answers. I'm out of BALANCE. I'm working to hard too fast. I'm focusing on one thing but still trying to keep everything else in balance. It's doesn't work that way. We can't take our complete focus on ONE thing in our life and expect everything else to just happen. Well, what do I do about it? I need to spend some me time, time on the kids and of course a date night with my husband. Good Luck finding time for all that. The way our crazy family schedule is, it's hard to make it happen. My angels informed me I will not get better till I make time for that.