Follow Your Heart

Do you know the difference between following your heart and letting your mind run the show?

Here is the difference, when you follow your Heart it feels 100% right deep down in your soul. You get the excitement that you feel on top of the world.  You confidence goes up and you feel as it will take a lot of bring you down. Well, in comes your Mind and our friend Ego. It will try to talk you out of what you were just so confident about. It will give you all the reasons as to why it won’t work and all the negatives if you do it. This will have you feeling confused and undecided.

This is the moments my clients reach out to me for guidance. What’s my advice you ask….? Follow your Heart, that initial feeling you get…your Intuition. Bring yourself back to that moment before Ego got involved. Feel that, take some deep breaths. Know that is what you need to do.

Always remember, you need a good balance of Heart and Ego. Living in JUST your Heart/Intuition will leave you feeling floating too high. Living in JUST your Mind/Ego will leave you living in fear. Having a good balance of Heart and Mind is perfect.

Have you followed your Heart today?