Living In The Present Moment

I was communicating with my Angels the other night trying to shake the feeling of being overwhelmed with back to school and all that brings on. Of course the guilt that my little one, who is turning 2 soon, will in a few years, be off to school with her older sisters. The emotions that come with that are enough to knock you down. We all feel this overwhelming feeling this time of year….School, activities, sports, work, social life and the list goes on. How do we handle all of it and not feel like you’re on autopilot all the time?

I will periodically be reminded that it could be worse, reminded to take a deep breath and re-center. BUT, it seems to be what my angels told me the other night that brought on this sense of peace and calm that I have never felt, “Plan for the future but don’t live in the future. Look back on the past and the mistake you have made but don’t live in the past. Everything right now is about the present moment.” I carry this quote around with me everywhere I go and a handful of times through out the day I remind myself of this. Hopefully this will bring peace to you when you need it too. Why live in the past and future when we can live in the present moment. <3