I'm Finally Putting Myself Out There

Here is it! I did it! For the past year I have had the thought in my head "wow, it would be so awesome to have a website".  I have had alot of people ask "what is your website?". Each and every time I get anxious and push it away.

This definitely goes back to my last blog posts about going out of your Comfort Zone and just doing it. Truth be told tho, this also brings up something for me that I have carried my whole life.....Caring What Others Think. I put things off often by telling myself, your not ready to put this out there...What will....this person think? What will.....that person think?

After all that worry, it does not matter anymore. I'm here doing MY thing and living my life for me. I absolutely LOVE what I do!!!! I LOVE helping people be the BEST they can be, I LOVE connecting my clients with their passed loved ones, I LOVE being able to connect with my angels and spirits. This journey has been such a transformation for me. It has changed so  many things in my life. It has brought the right people in and taken the wrong people out. I could write for hours right now on the changes over the past year. Instead, I will pick one a month which includes a block I have worked through and focus on it for my future blogs.....so check back!

So please look around my BRAND NEW website and let me know what you think. Are you a client of mine that has a story to share? Have you had a reading in the past and want to share your experience? Can you relate to going out of your comfort zone and feeling so good? What about removing the block of what others think and coming out on top?

Email me, Facebook message me! I want to hear! I will pick one of you to win a free Ask Your Angels. I will post the winner on Sunday Night June 1 2014.

Email: comforthealingma@gmail.com