The Power Of Spirit

Many years ago, well 19 to be exact, my Aunt had passed in a tragic accident. At the time I was in High School and overwhelmed at the thought that I would never see, hear or talk to her again. I have always thought about her and over the years she would pop in my head at random times.  Well, as the years went by myself and her 2 children (my cousins) drifted apart.

About a year ago, I had a reading done on me and of course her powerful spirit can in and gave me a lot of messages on how it’s time to reconnect the family back together, specifically with her kids. I was shocked but immediately very open to it and her message felt so right to me. BUT, how would this happen? As any person would do I was running scenarios through my head of how would I make it happen, I was feeling the pressure because she was so adamant about it. Well, I took a deep breath and told her “Ok, YOU need to make this happen YOU need to do the work”.

A few months later when I least expected it, I was scrolling around on Facebook and came across this page asking for prayers for a little baby who was in the Hospital and sick. I immediately clicked on the page because I was drawn to this little innocent baby. I looked at her pictures and felt this immediate connection and found out low and behold, this was my cousin’s baby. I remember tears in my eyes, feeling the connection to this little soul and thanking my Aunt all at the same time…OK OK OK, now what? How do I contact my cousin after all these years?  I knew deep down this was how she was making the connection happen.

After a couple months of finding and communicating with my cousin, we got together recently and I’m very grateful to my aunt for reconnecting us. Even though we missed years of each other mile stones, it truly feels as if no time has passed.

I share this story with you because I see the difference Spirits make on lives on a daily basis. This time of year is so hard on anyone who has ever lost someone close to them. I am here to tell you that you need to TRUST that they are with you and recognize the signs they send. Spirits work with your angels to make sure things like this happen and happen in a safe way. Nothing they guide you to do will ever lead you wrong.  Some of the ways they send us signs is with numbers, coins, butterflies, dragonflies, hawks, dreams or just simply the times they pop into our heads and distract us from what we are doing. They are around you, that I promise! XOXO