Stop Trying To Control



So, I woke up this morning with the worst headache I have had in a long time. It’s one of those headaches where you feel nauseous and any sort of light makes you squint. Well, of course it was a school morning and thank goodness my husband was going into work a bit late to be able to bring our oldest to school. Still, I have 2 little one home with me. Yes, I’m a Mom so life goes on. I immediately start thinking “oh no, we are getting ready for camping trip with so much to do, I have to squeeze in my yoga class tonight, home work with my daughter and all the packing” OK OK deep breath! I decided to take some Tylenol and rest, the best a Mom with 2 little ones can do (I know a lot of you can relate). So, I spent an hour dozing on and off. Finally, I got up and felt as if I could finally function and drink my coffee. Still feeling a little off with the headache lingering but life needed to go on for the day.

I’m not a headache person at all. Sure, I get them when I haven’t had enough to drink or eat too much of salty food but this was different. It felt as if energetically something was off for me. TIME TO ASK MY ANGELS! I sat down and asked them what was going on? What am I missing as to why this happened? Why is this not a “normal” headache? Well as usual they pull thru with some advice.

Just about a year ago I started this Spiritually journey that has proved to me so unbelievably amazing for me. The OLD me when faced with a challenging situation would immediately panic and feel sorry for myself, go into a “cocoon” (as my husband would say) and feel as tho my life is falling apart at the seams. I would take total control with what the situation had brought and was continuing to bring. That’s a tough place to be!

The NEW me when faced with the situation, take a deep breath feels the emotions and stands back and find the positive in it. The emotions don’t hurt nearly as much and I’m able to overcome it a lot better.

So, back to my angels. I have been extremely proud of how far I have come and I hear it all the time from the people close to me. Why the headaches then…in the quote of my angels today. “The less we control a situation and let it be the better the outcome”. OK, wow so what I’m doing in situations is not feeling the emotions nearly has much BUT instead control it in my head. I thought that was one in the same but I’m realizing it’s not.

I love doing what I do, it’s not about getting to the place of “better” as fast as you can, it’s about learning all there is to know on the way there. I know I will always continue to grow and have lessons thrown at me. It’s all about taking the lesson, learning what you need to know to be able to move to the next level.