Follow Your Heart

Do you know the difference between following your heart and letting your mind run the show?

Here is the difference, when you follow your Heart it feels 100% right deep down in your soul. You get the excitement that you feel on top of the world.  You confidence goes up and you feel as it will take a lot of bring you down. Well, in comes your Mind and our friend Ego. It will try to talk you out of what you were just so confident about. It will give you all the reasons as to why it won’t work and all the negatives if you do it. This will have you feeling confused and undecided.

This is the moments my clients reach out to me for guidance. What’s my advice you ask….? Follow your Heart, that initial feeling you get…your Intuition. Bring yourself back to that moment before Ego got involved. Feel that, take some deep breaths. Know that is what you need to do.

Always remember, you need a good balance of Heart and Ego. Living in JUST your Heart/Intuition will leave you feeling floating too high. Living in JUST your Mind/Ego will leave you living in fear. Having a good balance of Heart and Mind is perfect.

Have you followed your Heart today?

Not As Perfect As You Think

Have you ever looked at someone and instantly thought they had their stuff together, instantly felt intimidated and then get a feeling that everything in their life is "perfect"?  You are making this assumption without knowing too much about them other then that first impression.

This happens to me all the time....on the side of being "judged". Here's the deal, am I perfect? Do I have everything together perfectly? What about having the perfect kids, hubby and family? NOPE, not at all. Everyone has their strengths and challenges, up and downs, goods and bads. How do I differ? I'm just able to handle situations different then some. 

Back a few years ago, anything negative that happened to me would control my life. It seemed that a really good positive would happen followed by a negative. It got to point that I seemed to be attracting these situations. A situation happened to me that forever changed me for the positive, looking back I am forever grateful for it. I had to do a lot of work to pick myself up out of the rut such as, eliminating non-sense drama and the people who fed it. When a challenge came along, take a look at the lesson within it instead of automatically reacting negatively. Figuring out that when someone said something to me that could be taken as a negative, I needed to understand that what they were throwing my way had nothing to do with me and all to do with their insecurities. I could go on and on with the lesson that have made me who I am today.

Do I walk around more confident then 2 years ago? Yes. Do I still have the everyday challenges that everyone else has? Yes. I'm not perfect. I'm just able to take a situation (big or small), look at the big picture, take the lesson and learn from it. I want to help YOU with all this. I want to pass on what I have learned over the past 2 years and help you handle things better and find the lesson in it. I guarantee once you work thru the first couple challenges, you will see a difference and be able to work thru things on your own. That I promise you! <3

The Power Of Spirit

Many years ago, well 19 to be exact, my Aunt had passed in a tragic accident. At the time I was in High School and overwhelmed at the thought that I would never see, hear or talk to her again. I have always thought about her and over the years she would pop in my head at random times.  Well, as the years went by myself and her 2 children (my cousins) drifted apart.

About a year ago, I had a reading done on me and of course her powerful spirit can in and gave me a lot of messages on how it’s time to reconnect the family back together, specifically with her kids. I was shocked but immediately very open to it and her message felt so right to me. BUT, how would this happen? As any person would do I was running scenarios through my head of how would I make it happen, I was feeling the pressure because she was so adamant about it. Well, I took a deep breath and told her “Ok, YOU need to make this happen YOU need to do the work”.

A few months later when I least expected it, I was scrolling around on Facebook and came across this page asking for prayers for a little baby who was in the Hospital and sick. I immediately clicked on the page because I was drawn to this little innocent baby. I looked at her pictures and felt this immediate connection and found out low and behold, this was my cousin’s baby. I remember tears in my eyes, feeling the connection to this little soul and thanking my Aunt all at the same time…OK OK OK, now what? How do I contact my cousin after all these years?  I knew deep down this was how she was making the connection happen.

After a couple months of finding and communicating with my cousin, we got together recently and I’m very grateful to my aunt for reconnecting us. Even though we missed years of each other mile stones, it truly feels as if no time has passed.

I share this story with you because I see the difference Spirits make on lives on a daily basis. This time of year is so hard on anyone who has ever lost someone close to them. I am here to tell you that you need to TRUST that they are with you and recognize the signs they send. Spirits work with your angels to make sure things like this happen and happen in a safe way. Nothing they guide you to do will ever lead you wrong.  Some of the ways they send us signs is with numbers, coins, butterflies, dragonflies, hawks, dreams or just simply the times they pop into our heads and distract us from what we are doing. They are around you, that I promise! XOXO

The Craziness Around Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Is In Retrograde. We have all heard that term before but what does it mean? How it affects us? What can we do to lessen the chance of challenges for the next 3 weeks?

Mercury retrograde is from October 4th-October 25th and happens 3-4 times a year.  The planet Mercury rules our intelligence and affects our self-expression, and communication style. This is when you need to be more careful what you say, text and email to people as things can be taken the wrong way. Technology tends to not be smooth sailing either, as well as travel plans tend to not go the way they were originally set. SO, that said here are a couple things to keep in mind and to keep you sane during this 3 week period.

·         Don’t make major purchases during this time  What may seem like a great idea or deal may prove you wrong once this period is over. Maybe the purchase price wasn’t as good or maybe you find out something was wrong with the new car you just bought, as if it was a “lemon”.

·         Communication!  Be careful what you say, text or email! Think it through and make sure what you’re saying is extremely clear cut to the person you are talking to.

·         Travel plans can be affected  The last time we were in Retrograde my husband had 2 business trips he had to take. BOTH times he was delayed for an extended period of time and one flight got canceled all together so he ended up coming home a whole day late. My advice if you have to travel in the next 3 weeks….Leave plenty of time and room for delays and cancellations.

·         Thinking of starting a new project? Hold off!   Starting a new project now may prove to not be a good idea. Others may not support the idea as you thought they would OR at the end of the 3 weeks, you may wish you did it another way.

·         Electronics Be careful Mercury likes to make weird things happen to electronics. Have you noticed your phone freezing up? How about your computer not working right? No need to get frustrated, it will all be better in 3 weeks time.

 There are many more things that go on during Mercury retrograde but I wanted to name a couple that I thought most could relate to. Understand that at the end of the 3 weeks, we will all experience major shifts in our energy and life. I think it’s a good idea to document the challenges that are thrown your way, so at the end of the 3 weeks you can look back and see the progress you have made. Embrace this as a time of learning and growth.  


Living In The Present Moment

I was communicating with my Angels the other night trying to shake the feeling of being overwhelmed with back to school and all that brings on. Of course the guilt that my little one, who is turning 2 soon, will in a few years, be off to school with her older sisters. The emotions that come with that are enough to knock you down. We all feel this overwhelming feeling this time of year….School, activities, sports, work, social life and the list goes on. How do we handle all of it and not feel like you’re on autopilot all the time?

I will periodically be reminded that it could be worse, reminded to take a deep breath and re-center. BUT, it seems to be what my angels told me the other night that brought on this sense of peace and calm that I have never felt, “Plan for the future but don’t live in the future. Look back on the past and the mistake you have made but don’t live in the past. Everything right now is about the present moment.” I carry this quote around with me everywhere I go and a handful of times through out the day I remind myself of this. Hopefully this will bring peace to you when you need it too. Why live in the past and future when we can live in the present moment. <3

I'm Finally Putting Myself Out There

Here is it! I did it! For the past year I have had the thought in my head "wow, it would be so awesome to have a website".  I have had alot of people ask "what is your website?". Each and every time I get anxious and push it away.

This definitely goes back to my last blog posts about going out of your Comfort Zone and just doing it. Truth be told tho, this also brings up something for me that I have carried my whole life.....Caring What Others Think. I put things off often by telling myself, your not ready to put this out there...What will....this person think? What will.....that person think?

After all that worry, it does not matter anymore. I'm here doing MY thing and living my life for me. I absolutely LOVE what I do!!!! I LOVE helping people be the BEST they can be, I LOVE connecting my clients with their passed loved ones, I LOVE being able to connect with my angels and spirits. This journey has been such a transformation for me. It has changed so  many things in my life. It has brought the right people in and taken the wrong people out. I could write for hours right now on the changes over the past year. Instead, I will pick one a month which includes a block I have worked through and focus on it for my future check back!

So please look around my BRAND NEW website and let me know what you think. Are you a client of mine that has a story to share? Have you had a reading in the past and want to share your experience? Can you relate to going out of your comfort zone and feeling so good? What about removing the block of what others think and coming out on top?

Email me, Facebook message me! I want to hear! I will pick one of you to win a free Ask Your Angels. I will post the winner on Sunday Night June 1 2014.


Why is this happening?

Ever had that feeling of being overwhelmed with everything life is throwing at you? Makes you feel out of balance, doesn't it? YUP, happened to me recently. I started off 2014 with a bang. My goal was to just follow what my business was giving me and run with it. Well, I jumped right in. Spent endless nights on my blog page getting it looking pretty and as organized as possible. I was getting a ton of phone calls to book appointments, my email was filled with endless question for Ask Your Angels. WOW, amazing! This is what I envisioned and worked so hard the last few months building!!!

Well, the excitement was short lived. I had come home, in the door I immediately feel like I'm quickly spiking a fever. WHAT?? I don't have time for this! I have 3 kids, involved in all sort of activities. A husband who travels for work that night and I had work things to accomplish. I took some Motrin and still hours later i have the chills. I sleep horrible that night, Up sweating, chills, sweating chills! NOOO!

Ok, it's now time to find out the real reason of what's going on. I do what we all should do and I journal with my angels. What's the meaning of this? What am I blocking? Why is my throat swelling up out of nowhere? WHY WHY WHY?

As always, they have the answers. I'm out of BALANCE. I'm working to hard too fast. I'm focusing on one thing but still trying to keep everything else in balance. It's doesn't work that way. We can't take our complete focus on ONE thing in our life and expect everything else to just happen. Well, what do I do about it? I need to spend some me time, time on the kids and of course a date night with my husband. Good Luck finding time for all that. The way our crazy family schedule is, it's hard to make it happen. My angels informed me I will not get better till I make time for that.

Stop Trying To Control



So, I woke up this morning with the worst headache I have had in a long time. It’s one of those headaches where you feel nauseous and any sort of light makes you squint. Well, of course it was a school morning and thank goodness my husband was going into work a bit late to be able to bring our oldest to school. Still, I have 2 little one home with me. Yes, I’m a Mom so life goes on. I immediately start thinking “oh no, we are getting ready for camping trip with so much to do, I have to squeeze in my yoga class tonight, home work with my daughter and all the packing” OK OK deep breath! I decided to take some Tylenol and rest, the best a Mom with 2 little ones can do (I know a lot of you can relate). So, I spent an hour dozing on and off. Finally, I got up and felt as if I could finally function and drink my coffee. Still feeling a little off with the headache lingering but life needed to go on for the day.

I’m not a headache person at all. Sure, I get them when I haven’t had enough to drink or eat too much of salty food but this was different. It felt as if energetically something was off for me. TIME TO ASK MY ANGELS! I sat down and asked them what was going on? What am I missing as to why this happened? Why is this not a “normal” headache? Well as usual they pull thru with some advice.

Just about a year ago I started this Spiritually journey that has proved to me so unbelievably amazing for me. The OLD me when faced with a challenging situation would immediately panic and feel sorry for myself, go into a “cocoon” (as my husband would say) and feel as tho my life is falling apart at the seams. I would take total control with what the situation had brought and was continuing to bring. That’s a tough place to be!

The NEW me when faced with the situation, take a deep breath feels the emotions and stands back and find the positive in it. The emotions don’t hurt nearly as much and I’m able to overcome it a lot better.

So, back to my angels. I have been extremely proud of how far I have come and I hear it all the time from the people close to me. Why the headaches then…in the quote of my angels today. “The less we control a situation and let it be the better the outcome”. OK, wow so what I’m doing in situations is not feeling the emotions nearly has much BUT instead control it in my head. I thought that was one in the same but I’m realizing it’s not.

I love doing what I do, it’s not about getting to the place of “better” as fast as you can, it’s about learning all there is to know on the way there. I know I will always continue to grow and have lessons thrown at me. It’s all about taking the lesson, learning what you need to know to be able to move to the next level.


The Cloud 9 Feeling


Ok, Ok, Ok, here it is….My First Official Blog Post. This required a lot for to me to do. Yup, that’s right, I have emerged out of my comfort zone. I’m putting myself out there and making myself know. I know there will be some grammar mistakes and punctuation error, but guess what…I’m not perfect. SO enjoy this post and all of it’s imperfections. WARNING: You will hear the words Comfort Zone very often throughout this post.

Coming out of my comfort zone is a huge deal for me. My whole life I have been staying with what is comfortable. I kept myself surrounded by people and things that kept me comfortable. If I was to be challenged on anything, I would crumble and stay in the shell in my comfort zone.

One thing that sticks in my head is when I would need to recetify my EMT Card. I need to take a 24 hour refresher every 2 years along with other credits, but the refresher was a BIG deal to me. Since I had kids I was not able to work the crazy schedule that comes along with the job, therefore I didn’t have an easy way to just grab a class that was offered by a place of employment. This required me reaching out to people in the field and being set up with a course at a place I would be unfamiliar with. WHOA, this is a major issue….I would be out of my comfort zone!!!! Well, each and every time after stressing for 2 years about the when, how, where. I would walk out with my head held high and feeling a great accomplishment.

You know that feeling where you just feel so good and on cloud 9 after accomplishing something?!?! I know each and every one of you have. That is the feeling of coming out of your comfort zone. We get reminded of that often, but we somehow manage to fall back into the trap of comfort….We are only human, it’s normal. Imagine having that feeling every day, being on cloud 9, having that excited feeling day in and day out. WOW, I can’t believe that is now where I am finally at. Do I still worry before approaching something that is out of my comfort zone? YUP!!!! Do I still worry what people will think? YUP!!! Well, let me be honest, I would love to elaborate about the “caring what others think block” that I have moved thru BUT that deserves it’s OWN post as it’s an major accomplishment.

Back to Comfort Zone talk. How did I move thru this block that has held me back my whole life from achieving what I want? I just jumped in and started doing this. I wasn’t 100% sure about it but willing to take the risk, each and every time I had the good and being on cloud 9 feeling. Now, I can’t imagine not taking those chances and being where I was a couple months ago.

Here is what I want from you. I want to hear your story. I want to be flooded with emails about who has come out of their comfort zone….Who wants to come out of the zone but is afraid to. I want to pass along what I have learned and help you experience that cloud 9 feeling more often. For everyone who shares their story with me, I have a gift for you. <3