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Christine is a Certified Life Coach & Spirit Medium. She has a natural ability to help the people around her look into what is holding them back from achieving the life they want. After years of living in fear of judgment and worrying what others thought of her, she did some soul searching and reclaimed her personal power back. It took time, dedication and work to get past that. Spiritual Empowerment is big to Christine, as it’s what led her on the path that she is on now. She made it her mission to help others who are at a standstill in their life gain the clarity and direction they need by guiding them to open up to their own intuition which leads them to their path of self discovery. 

As a Certified Life Coach & Spirit Medium Christine has the ability to connect with passed loved ones the other side to give the healing and guidance. The combination of both is like no other and will help you get unstuck and moving forward in no time.

Christine enjoys working with adult and adolescents to help them gain tips and tools to help navigate social struggles and change their perspectives to help gain clarity in the moment.

Christine offers, One On One Coaching Sessions (Either In Person Or Over Video Chat), Reiki/Reading Sessions, Spirit Gathering In Your Home and Online Group Coaching.